Responsibilities and Rights of citizen

A good citizen is he who know about his duties and his rights in his society . and he allways remain in struggle to acknowledge what are his responsibilities in society. He pay his good to do his duties to his country.

World is changing quickly and the countries developing on the basis of their citizen, in this modren time the successful countries are those who has a citizen having promise to their duties to countries , and they have a knowledge about their rights in society.

Now we are comming towords our beloved and idealogical homeland Islamic Republic of Pakistan underdeveloping country have a large number of population , thats why large population has large number of issues but some of the issues are too easier to solve if citizen play his role in the development of his homeland.

If every Pakistani try his best to do these practices then we will stand like a greatest nation in the world and will dominate as a developed and effective civilization

1. Obey Traffic Rules

One of the most greatest and dangerous issue of the people of Pakistan, but it is totally created by people and citizens we lost hundreds of important lifes in road accidents weekly. This is because the citizens are not entrusted to obey traffic rules. we have many news daily on read accidents and we are watching deaths of peoples in these accidents but we are not going to solve this issue because we are saying "every thing is happening due to Gov.t" but realy we are guilty and responsible in this phenomena because we are violating traffic rules.

2. Take part in pollution control programs running by Gov.t

Citizen should take part in any program which is running by Gov.t related to pollution and what ever. people should help Gov.t in countering pollution from environment , their responsibility is to save their home , streets , and their places from garbage where they are leaving. pollution is the bigest and growing issue of Pakistan but we can control it by doing our duties as a good and idealogical citizen only Gov.t is not able to address and solve these issues alone.

3. Do social work

We are missing the thing that is social work we have many peoples are doing social work but they are waiting for support morally or any how. we are satisfactory in this field but we have to do more to solve our hazards of society. Pakistan is a Islamic walfare state so every citizen must have a entrust to do social work.

4. Take part in elections

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is democratic state there is only one way to bring change by baliot. Means that with the vote of citizen thats why every citizen must take part in election, if one who do not go for vote means he don,t want change. Your vote is important for your country we have many general election but very low turn out which is disappointing for under developing country because citizen not paying his attention twords his country

5. Work as an honest and responsible Worker and fight against corruption

Every Pakistani who providing services from any platform Gov.t or private sector must have a passions for his state and remains honest as well as responsible for his services because surfing services at any scale small or large it reflects directly to your state. Corruption is a massive issue of Pakistan which damages our country. Because Little drops of water make a mighty ocean

6. Backup your state or Gov.t and stand at 1 page

The another headache of our citizen is that they are not at a one page and they are spread. Every citizen has his own way but the successful nations build themselves by standing at a 1 page they were all united, we should make sure that we are at 1 point and we are unite and we should backup our state and Gov.t then w will wait for results

Rights of Citizen A/C to constitution

People of successful nations and civilizations grows when they know about there rights and they fought for their fundamental rights if you don,t know that what is your importance where you are leaving so think about that where are you standing Islamic Republic of Pakistan is Islamic Walfare and Islamic Democratic state where the fundamental rights of human are much secured and unique we need to implement them , we should learn about positivity of our state

Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan secures following fundamental rights

  1. No person shall be deprived of life or liberty, save in accordance with law (article 9)
  2. Safeguard as to arrest and detention. All arrested person must be informed of grounds of their

    arrest, they have right to consult and defended by lawyer of their choice.

    Right of fair trial under article 10A

  3. Slavery, forced labor is prohibited and no child under age of 14 year be employed in factory and mines.
  4. There shall be protection against retrospective punishment
  5. There shall be protection against double punishment and self-incrimination.
  6. Freedom of movement to everyone
  7. Freedom of assembly for all citizens
  8. Freedom of association for all citizens
  9. There shall be freedom of trade, business and profession for all citizens.
  10. Freedom of speech for all citizens
  11. All citizens shall have right to have access to information in all matters of public importance under article 19A.
  12. Freedom to profess religion and to manage religious institution in country
  13. Safeguard against the taxation for the purposes of any particular religion.
  14. Safeguard as to educational institutes in respect of religion etc.
  15. All citizens have right to acquire, hold and dispose of property in any part of Pakistan. Protection of property rights of owners.
  16. All citizens are equal and there shall be no discrimination on bases of sex etc.
  17. Free and compulsory education to all children of age 5 to 16 by Government
  18. No discrimination in respect of access to public places.
  19. Safeguard against discrimination in services.
  20. All citizens have right to preserve their particular language, script and culture